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Widely considered the TED Talks of the credit union movement, our annual conference brings the top thinkers, leaders and doers in co-operative finance, technology, research and innovation together for a two-day event like no other.

The next event will be held in the Spring of 2018


“The best credit union conference I have ever been to”


Disruption ’17 by CU Water Cooler was a great success



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Disruption ’17 by CU Water Cooler was held on June 6-7, 2017 in Madison, Wisconsin. The theme was positive disruption—how the world is changing credit unions and how credit unions can change the world. This was the 7th annual CU Water Cooler event and, by all accounts, it was our best one yet! 

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It’s an intentional conference that’s not afraid to discuss taboo topics
I was extremely inspired and ready to see what 
I can ‘disrupt’ in my 
own credit union
I left feeling more purpose and accountability than I ever have before
A truly disruptive conference with some of the best speakers ever