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Today's Links 07/25

Top link: Apple Talking To Visa About Mobile Payments

  • Why should you care? Apple is in talks with Visa as it ponders launching a mobile wallet this autumn. The latest bout of rumours suggest that the ability to make in-store payments could finally arrive with the iPhone 6, 

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Today's Links 07/24

Top link: Learning, Spending, And Learning On Spending

  • Why should you care? In 2013 credit unions spent $318,125,247 on travel and conferences, according to NCUA data. Matt Davis gives five strategies to maximize member value for this huge investment.

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Today's Links 07/22

Top link: How CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec Competition Makes The CU Industry Younger and Better

  • Why should you care? Mike Lawson from CUbroadcast interviews CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec competition creator, Currency Marketing's Tim McAlpine, and last year's winner, Northwest Credit Union Association's Amanda Brenneman-Brown. Learn the inside scoop on why this competition has grown into quite an important, annual event.

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Today's Links 07/21

Top link: Financial Institutions Unprepared For Digital Future

  • Why should you care? There is no question that banking is quickly becoming a digital business, supported by enhanced online and mobile offerings from traditional financial institutions as well as new market entrants. But how ready is the banking and credit union community for this transformation?

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Today's Links 07/18

Top link: Experts Debate USPS Financial Services

  • Why should you care? Panelists cast doubts on whether the U.S. Postal Service could provide financial services to the under banked or unbanked during a webcast streamed Wednesday by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

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Todays Links 07/17

Top link: 5 Ways To Think Outside The Checking Account

  • Why should you care? Credit unions across the United States are joining initiatives and adopting new strategies to help un- and underbanked consumers break out of the alternative market and into mainstream financial services.

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Today's Links 07/16

Top link: Financial Institutions Use Real-Time Marketing To Drive Sales

  • Why should you care? The aspiration of most financial services marketers is to leverage the most recent consumer insight available to deliver offers that are both timely and relevant. Greater access to consumer behavior online, and the ability to process and convert this insight into dynamically personalized content and offers, is helping to make 'real-time marketing' a CRM reality for the more advanced banks and credit unions. 

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Today's Links 07/11

Top link: One Third Of Americans Switch Banks After Moving

  • Why should you care? Nearly 30% of consumers opened a checking account with a new bank after moving. Most chose their new bank based on branch proximity. Sounds like an opportunity for credit unions!

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Today's Links 07/10

Top link: Crash the CU Water Cooler Symposium

  • Why should you care? We're really excited to announce that The Cooperative Trust and the good folks at CUNA Mutual Group will be sponsoring a dozen young credit union professionals to Crash our 5th annual CU Water Cooler Symposium. Apply today!

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