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Today's Links 04/16

Top link: 3 Ways Banks Can Make Money From a Content Marketing Strategy

  • Why should you care? Smart marketers create content that captures people’s attention, and does so in ways that are relevant to their organization's strategic plan. But one big question remains: how exactly can a financial marketer make money on a social media content strategy?

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Today's Links 04/15

Top link: Five Favorite Five Life Hacks

  • Why should you care? From editor Shari Storm, "Last week on Reddit, someone asked the question, 'What are some life hacks that give you an advantage in different situations?' That question elicited almost 12,000 comments. I took a few of my favorites, plus some of my own, and this morning I present them to you."

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Today's Links 04/14

Top link: CUNA's Bill Cheney Discusses Career Transition

  • Why should you care? The big industry news over the last couple of weeks has been CUNA's Bill Cheney making a career transition to lead SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union in California. Mike Lawson scored an exclusive video interview.

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Today's Links 04/09

Top link: 8 Critical Digital Marketing Skills For Banks And Credit Unions

  • Why should you care? At The Financial Brand Forum 2014, Matt Wilcox from Fiserv outlined eight of the most important online skills financial marketers need today—everything from mobile and social to SEO and SEM.

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Today's Links 03/31

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Top link: One Third of Consumers Are Now Banking Without Branches

  • Why should you care? Bank branches are lonelier places these days. 58% of those under 30 have visited a branch in the last month. But don’t rush to shutdown your brick-and-mortar locations yet… half of all Americans still bank in person.

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Today's Links 03/28

Top link: People Hate Writing Checks (But They Do It Anyway)

  • Why should you care? Consumers are still writing checks, but research shows they really don’t like doing it. This study breaks down check writers by age, gender and frequency.

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