The CU Water Cooler?

It used to be easy.

A couple of years ago there were only a handful of folks in and around the credit union movement in the brave new world of social media. We gathered at, conversed 140 characters at a time on Twitter, considered a mass migration to Pownce, and debated the finer points of credit union marketing, operations, structure, advocacy, and news of the day.

The conversation has done exactly what we all wanted it to do: grow. The small community of a few dozen has grown into a thriving online consortium of the most passionate people in the credit union movement. With each and every additional player to the online conversation, the amount of quality content available for consumption has rapidly increased. As a result, staying on top of what is going on in the credit union social media conversation has never been tougher.

Is it possible that there is simply too much content?

The CU Water Cooler argues that "too much" of anything good is a complaint that only the worst of the world's cynics would try to register. Instead, we believe that there simply needs to be a better way to filter content. Aggregators have gotten us a long way. We love the folks at CUInsight, CU Soapbox, and our lists of favorite bloggers that we have favorited in our various RSS readers. Still, we are the information gluttons of the movement. If we are starting to sense that there is a bit of information overload, what does that say about the casual reader?

So, here's our answer.

We have assembled some of the most active members of the online conversation to do the filtering for you. Each of these "editors" will maintain an RSS feed of what they are reading at any given time. On roughly a daily basis, all feeds will be compared to one another with a software application called Fever. This process will reveal the stories that, collectively, the editors agree are most worth reading. We will post these results as a series of links in a single post.

We are excited about the editors that we have assembled, and realize that some very important folks are not on this list. This is both intentional and unintentional. For this idea to come to life quickly we wanted to make sure that initially we assembled a dozen people who had a distinct "sure, let's give that idea a shot" attitude about them. Our goal was to launch the site first, and make improvements later. We fully expect this site, and its list of editors, to change as the conversation changes. We also made sure that the people we chose worked exclusively for credit unions. This was a tough call for us because it leaves some of our favorite people out as possibilities. We also know that we left out some other people who would be perfect in the editor role. That can be remedied as we move forward.

In the very near future we will begin hosting a weekly radio/podcast series that covers the stories that made the cut during that week. We anticipate having a couple of editors and a couple of special guests for each broadcast on a rotating basis. This should be a fun way to deepen the conversation, get more people involved, and introduce you to voices outside of the credit union social media echo chamber.

That's about it. Grab a dixie cup and join the conversation while we bubble up the best credit union content each day for you.
Posted on November 22, 2009 .