CU Chat Up - Delving into Reward Checking Accounts

CU Chat Up returned today with a follow-up to the last show, The Sustainability of Rewards Checking. Brady Walen from Market Insights returned and Greg Wempe from BancVue joined the conversation to discuss the experiences of their 1500 reward checking clients.

We discussed what is required for reward checking accounts to remain sustainable, profitability of the accounts, what a member with a reward account looks like, branding implications, and even what financial institutions should not offer a reward checking account.

Here is a direct link to listen to show: CU Chat Up - Delving into Reward Checking Accounts

What are your thoughts or questions about reward checking accounts? Share your thoughts on the CU Chat Up blog for an opportunity to win a $100 iTunes gift card from BancVue.

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Posted on December 2, 2010 .