CU Water Cooler Symposium

Watch for the 7th Symposium in early 2017!

Ron Shevlin, 2014 Symposium

Kick-off party, 2014 Symposium

Tim McAlpine, 2014 Symposium

Laura Woods, 2014 Symposium

Photos by Andy Janning

A must-attend credit union experience

The CU Water Cooler Symposium is a different kind of credit union event. We care about content and conversations. We put together styles, speakers and topics that other events won’t touch. We’re respectful, yet challenging. We’re independent, yet collegial. We’re fun and serious at the same time. We created the CU Water Cooler Symposium not as a competitor to existing events, but a brand new approach to credit union events. The industry has responded kindly. As we prepare for next event, we encourage you to attend. 

We believe that this is the most modern, inspirational, and collaborative event in credit unions. We pick venues that are limited to about 150 attendees. The audience is a real mix—a few CEOs, mostly VPs and directors, and a few specialists and coordinators. They’re from all parts of the credit union—marketing, IT, operations and HR. Plus, there are always a handful of progressive consultants and technology vendors. At our last event, we had attendees from 26 U.S. states and five Canadian provinces. Everyone who attends is extremely open-minded, positive and tuned in.