The T-Shirt Vote Update 1

As I mentioned, I'll give two reports on the T-shirt voting totals. One today and one Wednesday.

So far, there have been 546 votes cast. Here is the top 10 leader board.

  1. Nicole Anguiano 101
  2. Rachel King 99
  3. Monica Ginder 85
  4. Malinda Wood 69
  5. Theran Michaelis 60
  6. Steph Falzerano 32
  7. Jen Shefner 29
  8. Kelley Parks 18
  9. Jimmy Marks 13
  10. Brent Dixon 11

If your name is not on the list, you are in a virtual dead heat for 11th.

Don't forget that the voting widget is set up to accept one vote per computer per day. Go forth and rally your supporters and I'll give on last report at the end of Wednesday.


Posted on August 23, 2010 .