And the winner of the T-shirt contest is...

Nicole Anguiano with 482 votes. Congratulations Nicole, your T-shirt will be printed plus you just won a $299 ticket to the CU Water Cooler Symposium!

Monica Ginder with 469 votes and Rachel King with 325 votes each win a $25 gift certificate.

Here's how the top ten played out.

  1. Nicole Anguiano 482
  2. Monica Ginder 469 
  3. Rachel King 325
  4. Malinda Wood 241
  5. Steph Falzerano 182
  6. Theran Michaelis 150
  7. Laurel McJannet 101
  8. Brent Dixon 65
  9. Jen Shefner 62
  10. Kelley Parks 58

My apologies for the delay. I am traveling and was literally staying in the middle of nowhere with a super slow connection that was so slow I couldn't even load this website!

Thanks to everyone for participating and thanks to CU*Swag for sponsoring this cool contest. We had 19 stellar designs from 19 steller designers!


Posted on August 28, 2010 .