CU*SWAG is a Presenting Sponsor!

CU*SWAG is returning as a presenting sponsor for the third year. Once again, this means that every attendee will be getting a CU Water Cooler Symposium T-shirt with their ticket!


What does CU*Swag provide? Here are the details.

CU*SWAG = Stuff we all get (SWAG) from our credit unions (CU) that grabs general public attention (*).

CU*SWAG is a graphic t-shirt line that allows you to connect with your employees and members. This gives them something fun to wear and turns them into advocates for your credit union. These shirts, made out of high quality material that feels good to the touch and fits nice, have catchy graphics that your members will enjoy wearing and serve as your walking (and talking) billboards.

We're looking forward to the CU*Swag rapid fire demo. In 2010, James Robert Lay performed an epic Frap (Financial Rap) and in 2011, the CU*Swag gang held a T-shirt fashion show for charity! Who knows what they'll dream up for 2012?


Once again, thanks to all of our sponsors for helping make this event awesome and affordable!


Posted on April 24, 2012 .