eDOC Innovations is a Supporting Sponsor

eDOC Innovations has joined the CU Water Cooler Symposium as a supporting sponsor.


What does eDOC Innovations provide? Here's the details: 

For over 20 years we have innovated edoc management. It’s not just our objective, its our name!

Founded in 1992, eDOC Innovations is the nation’s only CUSO (Credit Union Owned Organization) based on e-document management technology. With 20 years of experience, eDOC has emerged as an industry leader in providing imaging solutions that work with the diverse technology requirements of the industry; thus giving the client control of their data, their documents and their strategy.

eDOC Innovations had humble beginnings, starting in a spare office of a credit union. Today, eDOC’s solutions and client base have expanded tremendously to serve hundreds of clients across the country in a variety of industries.

With eDOC’s high level of expertise in designing and creating document imaging and workflow automation solutions that save time, leverage resources, and exceed industry document regulations, we pride ourselves in innovating products that satisfy our client needs. We offer strategic solutions that are cost effective with a high return on investment. An investment in eDOC technology pays for itself again and again through the valuable solutions we create, which are logically intuitive and easy to use.

Interested in sponsoring the CU Water Cooler Symposium as a supporting sponsor? We still have a few slots available. Check out the sponsor page.


Posted on June 19, 2012 .