ICUL Servicecorp is a supporting sponsor

We'd like to welcome back ICUL Servicecorp as a supporting sponsor.

When credit unions work together, everyone comes out ahead.

That's why Servicecorp was created. Servicecorp is a credit union-owned cooperative organization that networks the collective business volume of credit unions. This arrangement enables credit unions to offer more services—at lower costs—than they could offer on their own.

As a credit union organization, Servicecorp operates by the philosophy of people working together for their mutual benefit. Credit unions that network themselves through Servicecorp enjoy all the advantages and power of large, sophisticated operations and group purchasing programs.

Servicecorp pools the resources of credit unions to offer them affordable products and services, such as share drafts, shared branches, marketing services, credit and debit cards, insurance and financial services and more.

Interested in sponsoring rhe CU Water Cooler Symposium? You're in luck! We have two sponsorship levels for you to consider.


Posted on June 24, 2011 .