OMI is a Supporting Sponsor

OMI has joined the CU Water Cooler Symposium as a supporting sponsor.


What does OMI provide? Here's the details: 

OMI is a leading Managed Communication Service Provider that assists organizations in transitioning print communications to the paperless world. OMI’s Statement2web® and TransXAction™ software as a service (SaaS) platforms allows organizations to move transactional communications, such as statements, invoices, notices, letters, compliance and tax related communications, to electronic mediums to reduce costs and improve customer facing communications. OMI provides a single platform for creating, managing, and measuring customer communications through marketing promotions, email marketing communications and social media presence by utilizing daily, weekly and monthly transaction communications as focal points to increase Brand loyalty to the organization. 

Interested in sponsoring the CU Water Cooler Symposium as a supporting sponsor? We still have a few slots available. Check out the sponsor page.


Posted on August 7, 2012 .