Ron Shevlin returns to the Symposium stage

I'm excited to announce that Ron Shevlin will be taking the stage at the Symposium again! In 2011, Ron kicked things off with his keynote, "Quantipulation: The Art of Using Numbers to Create Marketing Myths and Misconceptions."

This year, his topic promises to be equally thought provoking and relevant. Here's Ron's description:

The Most Important Strategic Decision Credit Unions Can Make

It’s an interesting time in the financial services industry. Financial institutions are looking back on a few years of a down economy, a financial crisis, sweeping regulatory changes, technology innovations, and the emergence of younger consumers who account for much of the demand for financial products and services. Although the past few years have been good to some credit unions, many credit union executives believe the industry is at a turning point, and that the financial services industry will look very differently in the future than it has in the past.

How will underlying business models change? What technology innovations will shape the delivery of financial products and services? How will the emergence of Gen Yers as the predominant buyer of financial services and products shape the industry? What role will credit unions play in the scheme of the overall industry? How will CUs compete with large, well-funded megabanks? What strategic decisions must credit union executives make in order to create a profitable role in the industry?

Drawing upon his recent research with industry executives and consumers, Aite Group senior analyst Ron Shevlin will address these questions and paint a picture of how credit unions can successfully compete in the financial services space over the next five to 10 years by integrating new technologies like PFM, Big Data, and Social Media to address the needs of Gen Yers and other member segments.

The CU Water Cooler Symposium is now just 65 days away. Have you booked your spot yet?


Posted on July 30, 2012 .