Speaker 1: Ron Shevlin

I revealed the first speaker on the Liquid Lunch today! It's Ron Shevlin from the Aite Group. If you are not already following Ron on Twitter (@rshevlin) or reading his Marketing Tea Party blog, you should be!

Ron was unable to be on the show today, but he did send me this "Dear Tim" letter:

Dear Tim:

Thank you so much for picking me to speak at the CU Water Cooler Symposium! I'm honored, and thrilled to have the chance to present. I'm sorry I couldn't be on the call with you today (but SOME of us have real jobs).

Let me get something straight, though. YOU asked ME to speak, but *I* have to come up with a description of what my presentation will be about? Did you not have an idea of what you wanted me to talk about? I have to do all the hard work, eh?

I thought I'd do a presentation on the Grateful Dead. No, not what credit unions could learn from the Dead, just, you know, what it's like to bum around the country following the Dead around. 

Not what you had in mind?

OK. In the event that that's not acceptable to the conference committee, then what I thought I'd do is challenge attendees by debunking some myths and conventional wisdom regarding financial services, marketing and social media.

I hope that sounds OK. (But do let me know if the Grateful Dead idea will fly.).

Thanks again and see you in Fishers!


You can listen to the episode here.

Ron will be great. I am really looking forward to his session!


Posted on June 27, 2011 .