Speaker 8: Joanne Westwood

My choice for speaker at the Symposium is Joanne Westwood. Joanne is the manager of accountability reporting for Vancity.

Here is her session description: 

Talking the Walk: Sustainability Reporting

Joanne is the manager of accountability reporting at Vancity Credit Union in Vancouver, Canada. Originally from the UK, she describes herself as a practitioner in ‘integrated thinking and reporting’ with a passion for the great outdoors, tennis, words, and local food and wine. She feels extremely privileged to work for such a progressive co-operative as Vancity. She’s accountable for ensuring Vancity has reporting practices that enable holistic, values-based decision making consistent with stakeholder input in support of Vancity’s business strategy. Over the past 12 years, she’s had the opportunity to be involved in shaping international sustainability reporting standards, and together with her team, she has helped produce several award-winning sustainability reports. Her current focus is fully integrating Vancity’s reporting and planning processes, and she‘s particularly proud of Vancity’s first integrated Annual Report, available at vancity.com/2010annualreport.
With a personal goal of improving the quality and quantity of sustainability reports in the credit union sector, Joanne leapt at the opportunity to speak at the CUWCS. She hopes to spark interest in sustainability reporting by demonstrating the business value of reporting to credit unions, providing some tips on getting started and some great resources, and ending with a call to action. Follow Joanne on Twitter (@joawest71) or on LinkedIn. Oh yes, and if you like playing tennis, bring your racquet to Fishers!

But wait, there’s more! 

Joanne would like you to get involved in her session by helping pick the three top things you'd like her to focus on.

"Below is a list of possible topics I could weave into my presentation on sustainability reporting. I don’t have time to talk about everything (believe me, I can go on for hours…!) so I’d really appreciate a couple of minutes of your time to help me prioritise the areas to focus on. So, please let me know what the top three things you’d like to hear about are when it comes to sustainability reporting. (Note there is some overlap in some of the areas are listed below; the difference is usually the level of detail.)"

"If there are other areas you'd like to see covered, please leave a comment below."

See you in Indiana!


Posted on August 19, 2011 .