Wild Card Speaker: Jim Craig

The votes are in! Jim Craig is the official Wild Card Speaker choice for CU Water Cooler Symposium 2011! Following a line of Wild Card Speaker winners including Tim McAlpine, Matt Davis, and Jason Lindstrom, Jim will get his chance to tell Symposium attendees his story. As the Vice President - Marketing (or Lord of the Ratios) at 1st Advantage Credit Union, Jim will discuss how credit unions might approach decision-making differently (and more effectively) with the nine basic building blocks of business model development. A better business model, he will argue, leads to better prioritization of tactics, better ways to measure success, and a better chance of success in a turbulent economic environment.

Jim beat out some amazing competition, including Fred Brown, Matt Hodson, and Jimmy Marks, who all submitted amazing applications of their own. In the end, however, Jim's use the Lord of the Rings analogies proved to be too much to overcome. Amazingly, voting results were 100% aligned with the candidates' name lengths.


Posted on July 25, 2011 .