The Water Fountain

This is an experiment using an RSS feed from the tag "cuwatercooler." It works, but it's strange that it's only grabbing some of the articles tagged. I've experimented and it seems like I can include dates or usernames, not both. If I include usernames, it appears to grab the username of the first person to tag this article on Delicious using any tag, not just "cuwatercooler."

Take two

This is a collection of feeds. Tim, Matt and William to start. I use (a web service) to build these widgets. The ChimpFeedr link that you sent me does the same thing but there's no embeddable widget. It just gives you a new RSS feed that you can either subscribe to or automate an email with. This solution is interesting, but it doesn't pull in public tags and I don't think it's any better than our Editors' Tags page.

Take three

Another experiment. This time with tags by Tim and Matt. Nice box format, but no other content comes in (name, date, content). 

Take four

Facebook like style. Pretty cool. I can shuffle all of the editors' feeds. For now it's Matt and Tim.