CU Water Cooler

Recognizing the best in credit unions


The water cooler is more than just a place to get hydrated. It’s a place to learn what’s going on at the office, to discuss the next big thing, to share details on that huge project you’re working on. The CU Water Cooler is no different. For the past decade, our site and our events have uncovered, discussed, dissected and evangelized the people, ideas and actions that are moving credit unions forward.

For our 10th Anniversary we will be celebrating the most important contributors to the credit union movement in our own, unique way. CU Water Cooler is proud to announce the Coolers, an awards program unlike any other. Winners will receive recognition at our CU Water Cooler Team Summit, October 7-9 in Silicon Valley, California, and the (ahem) coolest thing in the world to put on their resumes. While we all have our favorites, this is a team sport. So, we need your help! Nominations are being accepted until July 31, 2019, from anyone who works in, on behalf of, or for credit unions. If you’re reading this, that means you’re eligible!


Individual Recognition

Group Recognition