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New Video that Celebrates Cooperatives & Credit Unions for ICU Day

Christopher MorrisComment

You don’t know if something will work usually unless you try right?

My friend Chad Helminak and I (together we are The Disclosures) have had this idea for a while to crowd source some aspect of our music, whether it be for a song or video. When we were asked to put together a song for this year’s International Credit Union Day that kicks off the year of the cooperatives and raises credit union awareness, we knew this was it.

“Wouldn’t it be cool to have credit unions from all over send us video snippets to include in the video?” Co-ops cooperating! With no real reward except YouTube fame (we did randomly giveaway a copy of our CD but doubt that was a big incentive), we weren’t sure if anyone was actually going to take us up on it.

There was a backup plan of course, but credit unions delivered. We were so happy with the footage and the response, we decided not to be in the video at all except the end! 

Thanks to our friends (and editors!) too at the recent CU Water Cooler Symposium who volunteered to sing a line here and there.

So please enjoy “Building a Better World,” featuring credit union folks from all over:

More information on the video, along with the mp3 file and lyrics, is online here.

Happy International Credit Union Day on Thursday, October 20. Please share what your credit union is doing to celebrate!