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CUWCS11: Ron Shevlin Talks About Quantipulation

Tim McAlpineComment

I chose Ron Shevlin as my speaker and lobbied with my fellow editors to have him open the CU Water Cooler Symposium 2011 because I thought he would set the tone and set the bar high. Ron didn't disappoint.

His session was entitledQuantipulation: The Art of Using Numbers to Create Marketing Myths and Misconceptions. In his session, Ron challenged attendees by debunking some myths and conventional wisdom regarding financial services, marketing and social media.

Ron Shevlin is a senior analyst at Aite Group. He specializes in retail banking issues including sales and marketing technologies, customer and marketing analytics, loyalty management, P2P lending, personal financial management, social computing, online banking, customer experience and consumer behavior.

He is unapologetic about being a Deadhead and pretty messed up because he's a DOOD (Dad Of Only Daughters). Follow Ron on Twitter and read his Marketing Tea Party blog.

Since the Symposium, Ron has released a new book: Snarketing 2.0. A humorous look at the world of marketing in the age of social media. You can pick up a digital copy for only $5.95 on Amazon

Over the next three months, we'll roll out one session per week in the same order that we saw them live. We had the good fortune of having new CU Water Cooler editor, Andy Janning, film and edit these videos. The sound and video quality is awesome! Thanks Andy.