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CUWCS11: Denise Wymore and The Boomification of Credit Unions

Matt DavisComment

My speaker was Denise Wymore. She is the VP, Marketing at Del Norte Credit Union in Sante Fe, New Mexico and her talk was a historical perspective of the impact America’s largest generation has had on the financial cooperative movement. In her words:

"Baby Boomers will be credited in history for destroying the American economy and possibly the credit union movement. The sheer size of this generation created a temporary exaggerated economic growth potential that the Boomers in charge took for granted. This year, as Boomers begin to retire and die, credit unions will have to learn all over again how to give credit to a generation they don’t understand."

Denise's presentation was a fantastic way to kick off day two!


Matt Davis lives in Madison, Wisconsin. He is the Director of Innovation of the Filene Research Institute specializing in implementation. Matt presents, advises and completes project work with credit unions based on Filene's i3 ideas and innovative processes. The thoughts posted here are his own, and do not reflect those of his employer.