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What Credit Unions Can Learn From…Tampons?

Christopher MorrisComment

Kudos to Kotex. Yeah, I just wrote that. Why? Late one night recently, I saw the following ad on television:

I love its honesty and poignancy—all tampon ads are similar and ridiculous. Most are instantly forgettable.

Sounds a lot like credit union and bank ads right? The above video has over 650,000 views on YouTube. Most credit union commercials have views in the double digits because they take the same ad they and every financial institution has been making for the past fifty years and upload it to YouTube. You know the one – bland, lite-rock stock background music, stock actors doing stock actor things, smiling faces, cue rates, then their logo. Again, instantly forgettable.

This is going to sound simple, but if you are going to spend the time and money to make a commercial (either for TV or YouTube), why not make it memorable?

Some ideas: Make fun of the genre. Be funny. Be different. Be strong. Tell your members’ stories. Use testimonials.

Banking is boring (be honest). Tampons are boring. If Kotex can make tampons cool, surely there is hope for all of us.

What’s stopping your credit union’s advertising from being awesome?


PS – Hat tip to Denise Wymore who did a great blog post about Kotex last year and how they are doing a good job of making something old new again.