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Crash the CU Water Cooler Symposium

Tim McAlpineComment

I'm really excited to announce that The Cooperative Trust and the good folks at CUNA Mutual Group will be sponsoring a dozen young credit union professionals to Crash our 5th annual CU Water Cooler Symposium.

This is special to me for three reasons:

  1. Making events like this accessible exposes young professionals to the greater credit union industry and the possibilities. Crashers come back from events fired up and excited about their career potential and the greater industry and community that they are a part of. It is critical to be fostering excitement in the next generation of credit union leaders.
  2. Things have come full circle. Brent Dixon founded The Cooperative Trust and the Crash concept in 2010 during his time as a young adult advisor for the Filene Research Institute. Brent has since moved on, but we've managed to keep his toe in the credit union space as a CU Water Cooler editor. Brent will once again be presenting at this year's Symposium. The Cooperative Trust is still going great guns under the leadership of James Marshall. James has spearheaded making this Crash happen and it will be great to reunite these two young trailblazers!
  3. Matt Davis and I started the CU Water Cooler website and then the Symposium as a way to create an independent voice and place in the industry. It's great to see important players like CUNA Mutual, Filene and CUNA (through it's support of The Cooperative Trust) embracing our CU Water Cooler community. The more the merrier!

Here's the details

Crashing the CU Water Cooler Symposium means there is no cost to you for registration, as registration is being provided for you by CUNA Mutual Group. However, you must cover your own travel and accommodation. In true Crasher fashion, The Cooperative Trust has arranged a hostel for you at the event. All Crashers will stay from Wednesday, September 10 to Sunday, September 14 and the entire experience will cost you (or your organization) a mere $187 total! 

The deadline to apply is August 8. Any questions before applying? E-mail the Cooperative Trust at

If you've wanted to attend the Symposium over the years but the budget or timing hasn't worked out, this is your chance. Do it!


Tim McAlpine lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. He is the President and Creative Director of Currency Marketing, an integrated marketing agency specializing in helping credit unions attract the next generation of members. Tim is best known as the creator of Young & Free and co-founder of the CU Water Cooler.