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CUWCS: Final PechaKucha Speakers Announced

Tim McAlpineComment

I'm excited to announce the final three PechaKucha speakers: Ronaldo Hardy, Gabe Krajicek and Alix Patterson!

Wait, what? In addition to our editors and guest speakers taking the stage, we've added something new this year called PechaKucha. PechaKucha 20x20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. Through a public call for speakers, we're thrilled to have six really interesting PechaKucha speaking slots filled.

Ronaldo Hardy  Chief Executive Officer Shell Geismer Federal Credit Union

Ronaldo Hardy
Chief Executive Officer
Shell Geismer Federal Credit Union

Break the Glass by Ronaldo Hardy

We've all heard the saying "Think Outside The Box," and even "Destroy The Box." These are popular sayings to define the limitations we have in our thinking when we are unable to see beyond the box we're in. I have a belief that there is another unique limitation we have at times. It's the glass. Glass represents something we can see through, but it can still be restricting. My belief is that there is an audience of people who see what needs to be done, but they won't do it because of fear, anxiety and/or other self imposed restrictions. My personal story is one that broke beyond the glass that was set for my life in order to live in a world where my dreams became a reality, and I believe I have unique insights on how to help others to do the same. Members in the audience will receive the tools and motivation to Break The Glass and live in the world of dreams they see on the outside.

Gabe Krajicek  Chief Executive Officer Bancvue

Gabe Krajicek
Chief Executive Officer

Fizzle Or Sizzle: More To It Than Technology by Gabe Krajicek

It doesn’t matter if your credit union is the most technologically advanced on the planet. Consumer perception trumps reality. And right now, American consumers firmly believe only the megabanks can provide the technology they want. Even though many community institutions already have the same technology! Let’s explore how to change that perception—and become part of the decision-process for more consumers—through the power of “co-opetition.”

Alix Patterson  Chief Operating Officer Callahan & Associates

Alix Patterson
Chief Operating Officer
Callahan & Associates

20 Great Ideas to Steal For Your Credit Union by Alix Patterson

A mix of HR, branching, marketing and lending ideas to jump start your creative juices.

Alix, Gabe and Ronaldo will join Jamila, Lauren and Linda as our six PechaKucha speakers. Add our 12 great headliners (full list here) and eight presenting sponsors and this equals 26 topics covered in two days. Holy cow. As I've previously mentioned, we are selling at a quicker clip that previous years, so don't delay, get your ticket today.


Tim McAlpine lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. He is the President and Creative Director of Currency Marketing, an integrated marketing agency specializing in helping credit unions attract the next generation of members. Tim is best known as the creator of Young & Free and co-founder of the CU Water Cooler.