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CUWCS: First PechaKucha Speakers Announced and a Credit Union Employee 4-Pack!

Tim McAlpineComment

I'm excited to announce the first three PechaKucha speakers: Laura Woods, Jamilla Draper and Linda Bodie!

Wait, what? PechaKucha?

Let me explain. In addition to our editors and guest speakers taking the stage, we've added something new this year called PechaKucha. PechaKucha 20x20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. There are six PechaKucha speaking slots available for our attendees. 

If you've entered already and don't see yourself here, don't fret, you've still in the running. There are three more spots to fill. If you are coming to the Symposium and think you've got something interesting to share, submit your idea today. The deadline to submit is June 30. We'll name the final three shortly after that.

Laura Woods  Marketing Communications Manager 1st Financial Federal Credit Union

Laura Woods
Marketing Communications Manager
1st Financial Federal Credit Union

Find the Truth by Laura Woods

I will talk about my journey in finding the truth behind my credit union's purpose and the campaign we built around that truth and how it changed a lot of what I know about my career so far. After five years of working for a credit union that was very nearly destroyed by mis-management and poor leadership, I felt the heavy sting of burn out and disengagement. With an almost completely new senior leadership team and an encouraging season of strategic planning just on my heels, I felt the freedom to begin asking the questions I felt were necessary to keep working for an industry and I had watched become increasingly more naive in purpose and brand. Questions like, what am I doing here? What is our purpose? What are WE doing here? What does our community need from us? What are their dreams? And then I started asking our members. And I took their pictures. And I created a campaign out of it. No products. No rate. No branding. Just a campaign built out of showing the similarities in the needs of everyone in our community, regardless of race, age or geography. And then we asked if we could help them. And then we did.

Jamila Draper  Consultant Mirasu Consulting Service

Jamila Draper
Mirasu Consulting Service

The Caribbean Credit Union Difference by Jamila Draper

There are major differences between Credit Unions in the US and Canada and your Carrinbean counterparts. But we also believe in the same core values and principles. So what makes us so unique?

Linda Bodie  Chief + Innovator Element Federal Credit Union

Linda Bodie
Chief + Innovator
Element Federal Credit Union

Aquapocalypse by Linda Bodie

On January 9, 2014, a chemical leak contaminated the water supply of 300,000 people in West Virginia. For weeks, we could not safely drink, bathe, wash clothes or dishes with tap water. As of this writing, many are still not using tap water and we still don't know that it's safe. This event caused a lot of distress, fear and negative impact to our economy. It also spurred folks to action...all sorts of creative action. I'd like to share this story, of how our community was impacted and how we changed our ways of thinking and behaving...from a personal level to a credit union level. When someone gives you lemons, or contaminates your water supply, lets see what good things we can do.

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