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CUWCS Talk: Making Great Content at the End of Your Rope

Jimmy MarksComment

Nothing is easy... something is rough. Act accordingly.

When it comes to work, thoughts are useful, but they don't really count for much on their own. When your boss says she wants to hear some good ideas, she wants to see your work. That includes thoughts that are practical and well-reasoned, something she can turn into action. Don't show up with half an idea, or worse, one you didn't even bother writing down. 

At the most recent CU Water Cooler Symposium, I talked about the humps one has to get over when one is completely flummoxed by a problem, whether due to time constraints, a creative block or a lack of material. The broadstrokes: get better at turning ideas into real work, learn from your contemporaries and know what you're working for.

Quit worrying about "the thought." Start worrying about making what counts.


Jimmy Marks is doing science and he’s still alive.

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