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CUWCS Talk: Finding the Truth

Laura WoodsComment

I used to think helping people was 99% attitude. You really just had to want to help and inevitably you’d see results. This naivety is what in large part drew me to love the credit union industry. We said we were “people helping people” as so it was, right? After eight years of making claims I couldn’t back up with actual results, I found myself wondering if I had made a wrong career choice. Was I a fake?

In St. Louis, we have many communities that need our help. Not a big check presentation. Not claims of help that never come. The kind of help that results in long-term development of people and businesses. The kind of help we had the ability to make, but were choosing not to do. I knew if I didn’t use the resources we had to at least try, I might never get the chance to see our philosophy of help work first hand.

I didn’t ever want this presentation to be a “how to” guide for those listening. I simply hope this presentation is a reminder, as it was for me, that we are so fortunate to have the resources and foundation to help. It’s just a matter of knowing who and when and why. It’s just a matter of believing we can and that we should. 


Laura Woods leads the marketing team at 1st Financial Federal Credit Union in St. Louis, MO with a focus on member centric communication and a dedication to never again using shiny-happy-people stock photography. Her team is also responsible for the ongoing work of the Helping People 1st Grant, birthed out of a need to live up to a lofty core purpose of “Helping People Achieve Their Financial Dreams” and reaching a community of people who are clinging to even the smallest vision of hope.