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Game Day Traditions

Amy EtheridgeComment

I’m a big fan of Super Bowl Sunday for a few reasons.

1. Game

I love NFL football. Living in the south, this is an oddity because I really don’t care about college sports. It’s weird I know. To me, this is the bowl game of all bowl games. I don’t even have to have a vested interest in either team to enjoy watching the final result unfold. And wow, was it a final result last night. I mean, wow.

2. Music

Being a want-to-be musician, the half-time shows during the Super Bowl always intrigue me. Since the year of the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, you never know what’s going to happen. Added bonus this year, Katy Perry is a guilty pleasure of mine and something I really looked forward to. The surprise appearance by Missy Elliot this year was also pretty incredible. As a 90’s kid, I found myself jamming right along with both of them. Truly spectacular.

3. Family

Football on Sunday’s has been a past-time for my family for ever. I remember even as a small child sitting around a very small television set, taking naps mostly, during games on Sunday afternoon. There’s nostalgia in it for me. It’s a time when I feel loved and close to my family so that is something that also draws me in.

4. Food

I mean come on, who isn’t looking for an excuse to invite people over to their home and eat yummy creations and just plain junk food and have a legitimate excuse to do so. This year’s menu consisted of the classic football fair: pizza, hot wings and beer.

5. And last, but definitely not least, Commercials

As a marketer I think sometimes that I look forward to this game mostly for the commercials. The amount of money spent not only on the media buy but on the production of the spots specifically for this game just blows my mind. I also love seeing all the decisions that companies make on the best way to position their products during the game, mostly in ways you would not traditionally see them, with added humor, or added shock as was the case this year.  From the years of the Budweiser Frog commercials, to the little Darth Vader that starts his parents Volkswagen in the driveway with “the force” I’ve been completely enamored with the commercials. I also secretly long to create that kind of brand recognition, nostalgia and humor, and draw one day for my credit union brand. Without further ado, here  are my favorite commercials from last night’s big game. 

1. "Subway" from Tough Dodger

2. "Settle It The Usual Way" from Skittles

3. "Best Buds" from Budweiser

4. "Lovin’ It" from McDonalds

5.     "Pac Man, Up For Whatever" from Bud Light

Do you look forward to the Super Bowl? Share some of your favorite commercials, memories or game day recipes in the comments section below. And for all of us without our team represented in this year’s big game, there’s always next year. As a diehard Chicago Bears fan, I am all too familiar with that theory. 


Amy Etheridge lives in Warner Robins, Georgia. She is the Senior Marketing Coordinator at Robins Federal Credit Union. Amy started her credit union career 12 years ago as a teller, has worked in branch operations, and then found her calling in the marketing department.