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Holiday Ads for Moms and Why We Love Them

Shari StormComment

I’m often asked to speak on how to capture the most powerful market—MOMS. Moms are a fantastic market segment for credit unions to court, after all:

  1. Moms control between 83% and 85% of all household spending.
  2. Moms are the number one influence on where their children will bank as adults.
  3. Moms provide an incredible referral network.
  4. Moms are very active online in places like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.
  5. Moms are a rather homogeneous group, meaning they often react similarly to marketing message.

This holiday season, there has been some fantastic advertising campaign’s that speak effectively to moms (and dads!). Here are my top three and a breakdown of why they are so effective:


Despite the copyright dispute with the Beastie Boys, this commercial speaks to parents. We love it because:

  1. Most of us want our children to do amazing engineering projects instead of watching TV.
  2. We all loved that song in college.
  3. It has that ‘girl power’ vibe that is irresistible to parents of daughters.


My Facebook page, which I consider to be an excellent microcosm for the mom market, exploded with re-posts of this commercial. We love it because:

  1. Most of us want our sullen teenagers to be secretly creating amazing pieces of art that demonstrate their love and gratitude for their family.
  2. We all like that song during the holidays.
  3. It has that ‘happy family’ vibe that is irresistible to anyone who is part of a family or wants to be part of a loving family.

Navy Federal

I first saw this commercial when my husband paused his football game, called me downstairs and rewound the DVR to play it for me. As a father of three daughters, he loved it!  We love it because:

  1. The juxtaposition of the tough military man and his frilly princess daughter makes us smile.
  2. We love our troops and there is something comforting in seeing them with a happy family in a nice, safe home.
  3. It’s funny.


Shari Storm has been an executive at Verity Credit Union since 1998. She has given a TEDx Talk, worked on Filene’s i3 team, been interviewed in the Costco Connection, published a book, earned an MBA, had three daughters and lead a group of business people to teach free enterprise in Minsk. She is married to a man who helps make movies and lives in Edmonds, WA. In her spare time, she likes to watch Zoey 101 reruns with her daughters.