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It’s All in the Details

Amy EtheridgeComment

I recently made a purchase from a company called Origami Owl. The common observer might say that this company sells necklaces. In reality, it is a personal shopping experience that I have yet to find a comparison to. To begin, you go to their website that literally takes you step by step through the design process of creating your custom piece of jewelry. This is done in a way that makes navigation easy, selection fun and keeps you engaged from step to step. 


After you complete your order, a waiting period begins. It seems like forever, but it’s really only like two weeks, and then you come home to the most amazing experience. 


You open the pink shipping box to reveal a teal colored Chinese take-out box with the quote “You tell your story with words, we tell stories with jewelry.” Inside it contains your individually wrapped custom contents of your new necklace. 

First you remove the locket, then the chain, then each of your “perfectly-you” selected charms go inside. Then you see it, the icing on the cake…a perfectly crafted Asian inspired fortune cookie carrying case that you can use to store your new necklace.

You put the necklace on for the first time, give the locket a shake around your neck, and admire your creation. 


Each step of the process, from designing to ordering to receiving, is so well-thought and intentional. I didn’t realize it at the time, but afterward I reflected on how much time and effort went in to developing the perfect buying experience. 

So is this company selling necklaces? Yes. But beyond that, they are selling an experience. Those extra personal touches and the step-by-step approach of constructing my new prize led me to do some very important things. Take pictures, post them to every social media site I’m on, and tell everyone I’ve encountered since then this brilliant story of how awesome it was to create and get this piece of jewelry. My excitement has led to three other women in my office owning one, a guy I know purchasing one for his wife, and my husband purchasing one for his mother. 

It’s all in the little details, the things that we take for granted, the things that we later reflect on and go hey, that was really cool.

How awesome would it be for credit unions to create this kind of experience for our members? One sale has turned into countless referrals and five additional sales within the first month! Why can’t our websites be set up with the “design it yourself” style of account and lending options? What follow up things can we do to make our members immediately turn to their social media outlets to sing our praises? What can we offer that makes them want to have conversations about us? I think those are questions we should all be asking ourselves in our planning processes. It’s all in the little details, the things that we take for granted, the things that we later reflect on and go hey, that was really cool. Those are the things our members will remember. 


Amy Etheridge lives in Warner Robins, Georgia. She is the Electronic Marketing Coordinator at Robins Federal Credit Union. Amy started her credit union career 10 years ago as a teller, worked in branch operations, and has found her calling in the marketing department. The thoughts posted here are her own, and do not reflect those of her employer.