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Marketing Must Be Integral to Mobile Product Development

Samantha PaxtonComment

Mobile banking products are not just for Gen Yers anymore. The usage of mobile devices is nearly ubiquitous now—they are for everyone.

Understanding the potential of mobile for credit unions begins with the understanding that it is the first channel most people go to today. It’s not just ‘a’ channel—it’s the first one. And with these new products comes the opportunity for deeper member engagement, more transactions and a great in-road to cross-sell other credit union products.

Simultaneous with the emergence of mobile banking products is a rapidly changing role for marketing in financial services. This department can no longer simply promote the mobile product once it’s available; they need to be integral in developing the experience right alongside the CIO. Your product is your brand.

With mobile today, the member wants something that is easy to get, easy to experience, works in real-time and is delightful to use. The marketing team needs to help ensure this experience is brilliant, along with the responsibility of maintaining brand consistency.

“Marketing must partner with product development to craft what the member experience will be when using the product.”

Marketing must partner with product development to craft what the member experience will be when using the product. This is a collaborative process that covers issues such as user interface, consistent branding and making the whole experience wonderful.

Of course, the mobile device is a vehicle for marketing content once it is in the hands of the user, and this content is changing as radically as the department that produces it.

Marketing via mobile services is not unlike the use of social media. We should not just be serving digital ads in a mobile environment, but rather helpful content that educates the consumer. In this age of technology-facilitated impatience, today’s consumer is looking for either immediacy or surprising experiences and useful information. This gives marketers an opportunity to incorporate value and ways to learn to maximize engagement. Credit unions can provide members with content that can help them improve their personal financial skills, and at the same time weave in the services of the credit union that will make their financial lives better. 

Consumers use mobile devices to solve problems and connect with others. If we remember that, we are going to ensure that members use their credit union’s mobile app.


Samantha Paxson is Chief Marketing Officer for CO-OP Financial Services, a financial technology provider to credit unions based in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. She can be reached at (800) 782-9042, ext. 2570 and