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Think Empathy and Innovation

Tim McAlpineComment

Trevor (not his real name) is a 31-year-old med school graduate with over $500,000 in student loans. He just moved home with his Mom in San Diego while he tries to find a residency to further his medical training. But, just like half of the med school grads in the United States this year, he's been unable to find a hospital to take him on.

I'm Game! Are You?

Amy EtheridgeComment

So yes, I am still in shock at the fact that I am actually a CU Water Cooler Editor. This title was given to me at the CU Water Cooler Symposium that was held in Nashville in October. How did I win such a prestigious role you ask? I won a scavenger hunt.

Symposium Aftershocks: Facing The Future

Ed BrettComment

The 2012 Credit Union Watercooler Symposium in Nashville, Tennessee left me thinking about the future of credit unions. That future will be defined by two parallel tracks: the future of consumer banking and the future of cooperative banking ideals, and the effectiveness with which the two are integrated.