CU Water Cooler


Symposium Aftershocks: Facing The Future

Ed BrettComment

The 2012 Credit Union Watercooler Symposium in Nashville, Tennessee left me thinking about the future of credit unions. That future will be defined by two parallel tracks: the future of consumer banking and the future of cooperative banking ideals, and the effectiveness with which the two are integrated.

Screw You Guys, They’re Going Home

Matt MongeComment

That’s what Greg Smith said, and it’s national news now. Before you think this sort of flaming couldn’t happen with one of your former employees (or isn’t already happening in hushed whispers in your hallways), let me assure you that it could (and might already be).

We're Not Sexy and We Don't Know It

Andy JanningComment

It wasn't her fault, of course. The assertion that set me off was well-meaning on its face, and it wasn't even hers. She was checking her iPhone in the middle of Starbucks, trying to figure out why 25 new emails had assaulted her before the foam disappeared into her latte.