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Seven Tips for Effective Incentive Plans

Mike Higgins, Jr.Comment

Incentive plans too often have unintended consequences. The desire for simplicity leads to misguided or overly narrow focus. Effective plans are robust and thoughtful in design, to keep the message simple and direct. Here is a list of seven things to consider when designing an incentive plan for your credit union.


Matt DavisComment

My brother picked me up outside the convention center. I was sweaty. Exhausted. Just moments earlier I had delivered the most intimidating and rewarding entrepreneurial pitch of my career. Seven minutes, a panel of four prestigious judges, and an audience of nearly 300 executives seemed to hold the future of my company, gameFI, in their hands. I opened.

Take Aim

Shari StormComment

Target markets have been the holy grail since the dawn of advertising. Every campaign, every ad, every message starts with the question, ‘who is your company trying to attract as a customer?’ As credit unions, we like to make our target markets as big and encompassing as possible.