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Now Open: the CU Water Cooler Talk Shop

Tim McAlpineComment

On the heals of our 7th annual conference, Disruption '17 by CU Water Cooler we launched a new online store called the CU Water Cooler Talk Shop. We've captured the spirit and energy of conference in these awesome videos including 15 headliners and 7 PechaKucha talks. Here's a teaser video to give you a feel for the topics and the quality of the talks.

CUWCS Talk: Finding the Truth

Laura WoodsComment

I used to think helping people was 99% attitude. You really just had to want to help and inevitably you’d see results. This naivety is what in large part drew me to love the credit union industry. We said we were “people helping people” as so it was, right?

CUWCS11: Charlie Trotter And Demystifying Creativity

Brent DixonComment

Whether you've blown milk out of your nose while reading his photo-based comic Lolzies, spent a night with a bowl of popcorn watching his videos because they beat most anything on prime time television, enjoyed multiple trips to Wikipedia while rolling around in the esoterica of Gutenberg's Pygmies, jammed to the sounds of his voice over the vintage banjo ukelele he restored, or…