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The Start of Something New: Monthly Talks

Andy JanningComment

Starting next month, CU Water Cooler is trying something new.  

In September, we're launching a live monthly webinar series, each featuring two incredibly smart people sharing their research, thoughts and best practices on issues affecting the credit union industry. Each guest will speak for 15 minutes, then take questions submitted by the webinar attendees for an additional 5 minutes.

Next month, we lead off with "Calculating Your Reputation Risk" with Del Norte Credit Union's own Denise Wymore and "The Fate of Credit Unions" with Keith Leggett of the American Bankers Association. 

Vancity CU's (and former Baldwin brother) William Azaroff and Verity Credit Union's Shari Storm team up in October to show how Credit Unions + Community Investment = Good Business. 

You can be thankful in November for Aite Group Senior Analyst Ron Shevlin's exclusive research findings into how members have rebounded from the Great Recession while learning how to create great content when your tank is empty with DigitalMailer's Jimmy Marks. 

We're mashing up the tight focus of a TED talk with the interactivity of a webinar to give you around the CU Water Cooler access to ideas and findings you won't hear anywhere else. 

Simple concept? Yes. Powerful messages from in-demand experts that you can apply immediately? Absolutely.

Seats are VERY limited but you can buy yours for any month—or all three at once for a 33% discount so your CFO will love you. Check out our new Monthly Talks Store.

Don't miss it! 


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