CU Water Cooler

The Stories of CU Water Cooler Symposium 2013

Tim McAlpineComment

That's a wrap. The 4th annual CU Water Cooler Symposium has come to a close and, by all accounts, it was the best yet. Thanks to everyone who attended in person and online, to all of our sponsors, to all of guest speakers, to all of our editors and to all of our organizers and volunteers. We couldn't do this without you! 

This animated GIF of Jimmy Marks dancing to Prince's Trust is worth the first 10,000 words. 


And this Storify summary that Jimmy and I curated tells the rest of the story. 

We are headed to Austin, Texas for the 5th annual CU Water Cooler Symposium in September 2014. We are working on finalizing the dates and the venue soon. Stay tuned!


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