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5th Annual Symposium

September 11-12, 2014
Austin, Texas

Join 150 people that care deeply about the future of credit unions for two days of fresh speakers, awesome topics and thought-provoking conversations. This year, the event will be held in Austin, Texas at the renowned Alama Drafthouse Rtiz Cinema. Grab your super earlybird tickets today.

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Weekly Discussions
The Six Pen Approach

Being obsessive about your materials isn't the same as being obsessive about your results. If you open up my briefcase on any given day, you'll find six different writing implements that are crucial to my workflow. I'm serious. I do a lot of my work via computer, but there's still a lot of room for analog methods of creativity. I like to keep my writing and drawing muscles strong so that I don't get too reliant on my trusty Macbook.

Ditch the Bait and Switch

Ever been the victim of a "bait and switch"? See an ad for something at a great price, almost too good to be true. You go to the store, or website…and they're out of stock. But there are other items available, substitutes, usually. And they're almost always different enough or more expensive enough that you don't buy. You took the bait, they switched the goods, and you're left feeling misled and mistreated. That can't help that company's reputation, can it?

Five Favorite Life Hacks

Last week on Reddit, someone asked the question, “What are some life hacks that give you an advantage in different situations?” That question elicited almost 12,000 comments. I took a few of my favorites, plus some of my own, and this morning I present them to you.

Meet the Editors

Who are these mysterious CU Water Cooler editors you ask? Credit union employees and consultants who have been around the credit union blog-o-sphere since before Twitter! There are no secret handshakes or tattoos, just a shared passion for credit unions, the Internet, fintech and marketing.